Mexsolutions IT

MexSolutions provides IT services for companies that require any guidance or assistance on their IT projects, we at MexSolutions can offer a wide range of services and help you on any particular topic from Servers, Security, Network, Virtualization, Backup, DRP, Storage, our team can help you to idenfity and implement the appropiate IT solutions your business.

By all means we take into account the requirements for your business and provide strategic guidance accordingly.

MexSolutions Company Values

At MexSolutions we are commited to deliver technology solutions based on working together establishing common goals, we have our core values that define our way of work and decision making.

Our values


Only by acting with integrity and being sincere with our colleagues and customers can we develop long-lasting business relationships and true significance.


We are constantly striving to create better solutions with creative thinking to welcome the challenges for our changing world.


Our sole purpose are our customers we take challenges together execciding expectations working eforttesly, now as in the future.


Having a strong determination is the key to success and is essential to make a siginificant contribution to our customers’ businesses, we are commited on what we do and to our vision.